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Reversible Mittens for Adults

Katherine Foster

These mittens have a thicker cuff and a polka-dot row where the fold is located. I used different colours and the turn row comes up polka dotted because of the purls in the ribbing.

4 oz in each of 2 colours, DK weight (8 oz total) and a few yards of waste yarn
Set of 4 double pointed needles size US 2 (3.00mm)

7.5 sts and 9 rows to 1"; fabric should be dense to keep the wind out
Note about the sizing: They may seem large but the second mitten takes up the extra space.

With waste yarn, cast on 54 sts and join in ring (18 sts on each of 3 needles).
With main colour #1, work even for 4". The first 27 sts are the back of the hand so work your favourite stitch pattern here.
Hint: Count your rounds.
Next round: Work 49 sts, slip next 4 onto a thread, cast on 16 sts using a piece of waste yarn, K the last st.
Next round: Work 48 sts, P1, K16, P1
Next round: Work 48 sts, P1, K16, P1 (yes, a second time)
Next round: Work 48 sts, P1, K2tog, K12, K2tog, P1

Continue in this fashion, working 2 rounds even then a decrease round until 52 sts remain and work 2 rounds even.

Switch to K2, P2 ribbing and rib for 2.5 to 3" ribbing.

Break yarn and leave a 5" tail for weaving in later.

With main colour #2 begin ribbing. This time start with P2 K2 so that the ribbing will "nest" together when the mittens are folded together.

Work 2.5-3" ribbing to match.

Weave in the yarn ends where the colour changed in the ribbing (while they're still easy to get at).

Next round: work 48 sts, P1, K2, P1
Repeat this round.
Next round: work 48 sts, P1, inc 1 in next, inc 1 in next, P1

Continue in this fashion, working 2 rounds even then an increase round where the increases are made into the st next to the P1 on either side of the thumb gusset.
Work to 16 sts between the P1s then work 2 rounds even.
Next round: work 49 sts, slip 16 onto a thread, cast on 4 with a piece of waste yarn, K1

Now work in even rounds until hand measures 4" from the "cast on 4" row (same row count as when working down from top on other end).

Top Decreases: *K1, K2tog, K21, slip1, K1, psso, K1 and repeat from * once
K 1 round.
Continue decreasing on every other round until 26 sts remain.
K across 13 sts and then graft (Kitchener) the top together. Weave end in.

First Thumb:
Carefully unpick the waste yarn for the 16 cast on sts then arrange the 16 and the 4 from the thread on 3 needles.
Leaving a long tail of yarn when you begin, knit 6 rounds even.
Round 7: K2tog on the inside of the thumb (over the 4 sts that came from the thread).
K 4 rounds even then decrease another st on the inside of the thumb (18 remain).

Continue even to 2.75" in all.

K2tog all around.
Break yarn leaving a long thread. Run the thread through the remaining 9 sts and pull up tight. Weave the end in leaving a 4" tail near the tip of the thumb on the inside.
Leave thumb inside out.

Second Thumb:
Carefully unpick the waste yarn for the 4 sts then arrange the 4 and the 16 from the thread on 3 needles. Work as given for first thumb.

Fold the mittens together and turn so that the unfinished mitten tip is on the outside.
Peel this back enough that you can knot together the yarn tails at the thumb tips.
At the base of the thumb, use the beginning tails to close up the little holes between the 16 and the 4. If you wish, you can then use the tails to lash the mittens together along the P1 ridges on the thumb gusset edges.

Unfold the unfinished mitten back up and carefully unpick the waste yarn, arranging the stitches on 3 needles. Because you're now working in the other direction, you'll have either 53 sts or 55. If it's 53, work only one decrease on the first decrease round; if 55 then work an additional decrease.

Work mitten tip decreases as given above.

When grafting this tip closed, make sure the inside mitten is correctly aligned and as you're grafting, grab a stitch off the tip of the inner mitten every 3 or 4 stitches which fastens the mitten tips together. To fasten off this thread, since it's on the outside, work one row of duplicate stitch across the mitten tip and then carefully poke the needle into the space between the 2 mittens and bring it out farther down so you are leaving a long tail in that inner space. Push the 2 thumbs together and you're done.

For the second mitten, work your thumb at the beginning of the first needle instead of the end of the last. The second 27 sts will be the back of the hand.

If you have knit these and can submit a photo, please contact me.

See Abbreviations and the Glossary for help.