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Free Knitting Patterns For Scarves And Cowls


This is a simple combination stockinette and garter stitch cowl with beautiful results thanks to the bold colors of the yarn.

Lace Cowl
Simple lace pattern is used in this easy pattern that knits up quick with a color changing chunky yarn.

Medallion Cowl
This cowl pattern is notable for its unique style...a decorative medallion is knit on straight needles, then joined to the cowl.

Ridged Cowl
Easy and knits up fast with beautiful chunky yarn. Garter stitch edging with occasional garter stitch or purl ridges.

Ruffle Cowl
Seed stitch borders this cowl knit in the round, featuring a unique yarn that ruffles itself.

Seed Stitch Stripes Cowl
Features seed stitch edging and stripes in a contrasting solid color against a color changing yarn.


Beginner Garter Stitch Scarf
Super easy scarf knit from side to side on size 15 needles. All garter stitch so there is no purling.

Beginner Scarf
Simple knit and purl stitches create the perfect texture for a fast beginning knitter scarf.

Broken Rib Scarf
Very simple pattern. Another nice scarf great for beginners!

Cable Scarf
Knit with one skein of a very soft merino wool, this cable scarf can be tucked around your neck under your coat. There is also a matching hat and fingerless mittens pattern available.

Checks And Eyelets Scarf
Small checks and eyelets are featured in this easy scarf.

Colorful Lace Scarf
Knit with a bulky yarn that changes colors and knits up fast. The lace open work pattern is extremely simple and easy to remember! It's knit from side to side so the color changes occur vertically.

Condo Stitch Scarf
Simply knit every row, alternating between large and small needles!

Dewdrop Simple Lace Scarf
Simple and straight forward lace pattern that is easy to knit and to remember.

Diagonal Eyelet Scarf
Very pretty and easy pattern. Lovely with a soft, drapey yarn.

Easy Garter Stitch Scarf
Knit from side to side on size 15 circular needles, it requires no purling since it's all garter stitch.

Garter Stitch Diamond Scarf
Easy reversible garter stitch scarf features diamonds in two different sizes.

Garter Stitch Zig Zag Scarf
Easy zig zag pattern is reversible.

Hooded Scarf
Simple to knit garter stitch hood is seamed into a tube; knit it in the round if you prefer. Knit with fingering weight on large needles for a nice drape.

Easy Scarf For Beginners
This scarf is reversible. It uses a lovely and very old traditional lace stitch called Faggot Stitch.

Faux Fur Martha Stewart Scarf
The look of fur pelts is achieved by the yarns used and the finishing technique. Done in easy to knit garter stitch, it was inspired by the fur scarf Martha Stewart wore to court the day of her conviction.

Lace Scarf
This beautiful lace scarf is knit with a fingering weight mohair blend yarn, which allows the easy lace pattern to show off.

Lace With Garter Stitch Scarf
This fast and easy pattern features eyelets and garter stitch ridges. It is reversible.

Lace Zig Zag Scarf
Simple to knit scarf in a zig zag lace pattern knits up fast with chunky yarn.

Lengthwise Lace Scarf
Combines several different yarns in a lacy openwork pattern. Or knit it in one yarn!

Mistake Rib Scarf
Super simple one row repeat; this scarf will lay flat so use it instead of stockinette.

Miter Squares Scarf
Miters are nothing more than decreases strategically placed. Try it with this great looking scarf.

Mother And Daughter Scarves
Easy scarves knit lengthwise in garter stitch. Knit them in the same colorway or in two different color schemes!

Odd Ball Scarf
This scarf uses two groups of colors in a horizontal zig zag pattern. You only knit with two colors on every row. It's doubled and sewn together so it's super warm.

Resist Felting Scarf
Try this very different knitting pattern for a felted scarf! By wrapping sections of the scarf before it's felted, those sections resist felting because they are not exposed.

Reversible Blocks Scarf
An interesting pattern of garter stitch blocks with varying rib and seed stitch.

Reversible Scarf
Easy to knit/purl parallelograms which appear opposite on the reverse side.

Rib Scarf
A very simple k2 p2 rib pattern.

Rib And Eyelet Scarf
This is a very easy pattern, yet very elegant.

Combination scarf and hood in super bulky yarn and an easy mock cable pattern. Sized for kids and adults.

Seafoam Lace And Eyelets Scarf
This combines the traditional seafoam lace pattern stitch eyelets in between repeats; it's a simple yet beautiful pattern.

Seaman's Scarf
Ribbing around the neck hugs the scarf close, keeping the cold wind out. Cables add beauty and visual interest.

Slit Scarf
Knit this with any reversible stitch pattern. Pull one end through the slit and your scarf will stay put. You can see a photo here.

Snake Charmed Scarf
Knit in garter stitch, this pattern is reversible and looks like a snake!

Star Rib Mesh Scarf
This is a beautiful, yet simple, lace pattern. It's knit in cashmere with larger than normal needles to stretch the yarn farther.

Striped Triangle Scarf
Dressy striped scarf with a knit in garter stitch border.

Triangles Scarf
Easy to knit pattern with knit/purl triangles for a reversible pattern.

Zig Zag Scarf
Simple knit and purl zig zag pattern; the shape of the scarf also zigs and zags.

Design Your Own Scarf Pattern
By understanding a few basic concepts, you can design your own scarf pattern using any yarn.

Also see Knit A Bit, for patterns by Barbara Breiter