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M1 (Make One)

Make One (M1) is known as an invisible increase. It's very useful and there are several ways to do it; each looks slightly different and some are more invisible than others. If a specific type of M1 is called for, your patterns should specify. If not, this is the default version of M1. A small hole is created.

horizontal bar

Note there is a horizontal strand of yarn that runs between the two stitches in the row below. Insert the tip of the right hand needle into this strand from front to back.

place on left needle

Transfer this strand to the left hand needle. knit into back

Now knit into the back of this strand on the left needle and remove as usual.

The second way to M1 is almost the same as the first version. The only difference is that you would knit into the front loop of the strand on the left needle, in the same way you knit a regular knit stitch. This version does not create a hole and it slants to the right.

The third way to M1 starts out differently. When you insert your needle into the strand, do so from back to front (the needle will be moving toward you) instead of front to back. This results in the strand being twisted when it is placed on the left needle. Now knit into the front loop of this strand (the usual knit method). In this version, it does not create a hole and it will slant to the left.

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