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Christmas Stocking With Christmas Tree Motif Knitting Pattern

Rosemary Hoffer

Christmas Stocking With Mosaic Christas Tree Motif Knitting Pattern

This knitting pattern for a Christmas stocking has a knit in Christmas tree motif done in a simple mosaic knitting pattern stitch.

18 sts = 4"

Worsted weight yarn (1 skein each of red, white, and green)
Size 8 US (5 mm) straight needles Size 8 US (5 mm) double pointed needles - set of 4

Starting at top of stocking, with red CO 42 sts. Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 2 inches. Change to white and work 3 inches in St st. On last row, increase 5 sts evenly spaced - 47 sts.
Leave white attached and work mosaic pattern over body of stocking:
Mosaic Pattern
Row 1: With green, k1, *k1, sl 1 with yarn in back; rep from * across, end k2
Row 2 and all even rows: Rep the preceding row using the same color, and slipping sts with yarn in front
Row 3: With white, k11, sl 1, k23, sl 1, k to end
Row 5: With green, k1, (k1, sl 1) 3 times, k1, sl 2, k 3, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 8 times, k1, sl 2, k 3, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 3 times, k2
Row 7: With white, k10, sl 3, k21, sl 3, k to end
Row 9: With green, k1, (k1, sl 1) 4 times, k5, (sl 1, k1) 9 times, sl 1, k5, (sl 1, k1) 3 times, sl 1, k2
Row 11: With white, k9, sl 2, k1, sl 2, k19, sl 2, k1, sl 2, k to end
Row 13: With green, k2, (sl 1, k1) 2 times, sl 2, k7, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 6 times, k1, sl 2, k7, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 2 times, k2
Row 15: Rep Row 3
Row 17: Rep Row 5
Row 19: Rep Row 7
Row 21: Rep Row 9
Row 23: Rep Row 11
Row 25: Rep Row 13
Row 27: With white, k8, sl 3, k1, sl 3, k17, sl 3, k1, sl 3, k to end
Row 29: With green, k2, (sl 1, k1) 2 times, sl 1, k 9, (sl 1, k1) 7 times, sl 1, k 9, (sl 1, k1) twice, sl 1, k2
Row 31: Rep Row 7
Row 33: Rep Row 9
Row 35: Rep Row 11
Row 37: Rep Row 13
Row 39: Rep Row 27
Row 41: Rep Row 29
Row 43: With white, k7, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 2 times, k1, sl 2, k15, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 2 times, k1, sl 1, k to end
Row 45: With green, k2, sl 1, k1, sl 2, k11, sl 2, (k1, sl 1) 4 times, k1, sl 2, k11, sl 2, k1, sl 1, k2
Row 47: Rep Row 7
Row 49: Rep Row 9
Row 51: Rep Row 11
Row 53: Rep Row 13
Row 55: Rep Row 27
Row 57: Rep Row 29
Row 59: Rep Row 43
Row 61: Rep Row 45
Row 63: With white, k6, l 3, (k1, sl 1) 2 times, k1, sl 3, k13, sl 3, (k1, sl 1) 2 times, k1, sl 3, k to end
Row 65: With green, k2, sl 1, k1, sl 1, k13, (sl 1, k1) 5 times, sl 1, k13, sl 1, k1, sl 1, k2
Row 67: Rep Row 7
Row 69: Rep Row 5
Row 71: Rep Row 7

Divide For Heel And Instep
Place 12 sts on each side of piece on holder for heel. Rem 23 sts are used for instep.
Work mosaic pattern over instep:
Row 1: With green, k2, *sl 1 with yarn in back, k1; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2
Row 2: With green, repeat the preceding row, knitting the k sts and slipping the slip sts with yarn in front
Row 3: With white, knit
Row 4: With white, knit

Rep these 4 rows for 4 inches, ending with Row 4 and dec 1 st on this row. Place sts on holder.

Place 24 sts for heel back on needle, with the center back in the middle. With red, knit one row.
Heel Flap
Row 1: sl 1, purl across
Row 2: sl 1, k1 across
Rep these two rows for 2½ inches.

Turn Heel
Row 1: k13, ssk, k1, turn
Row 2: sl 1, p3, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 3: sl 1, k4, ssk, k1, turn
Row 4: sl 1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn
Rep Rows 3 and 4, having 1 more st each time before the decrease, until all sts have been worked, ending with a purl row - 14 sts.

Cut yarn and reattach at right of heel. Pick up 10 sts along side of heel, k14 sts of heel, pick up 10 sts along other side of heel - 34 sts.
Work instep as follows:
Row 1: purl
Row 2: k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
Repeat these two rows until 22 sts remain. With red, work even until bottom piece measures same length as instep.

With red and double pointed needles, work sts across bottom and top of stocking, dividing sts onto three needles and placing markers at each of the two sides. Join and work in St st until foot measures 5 to 6 inches.

Rnd 1: knit across to 2 sts before first marker, k2tog, slip marker, ssk, repeat once to finish round
Rnd 2: knit around
Rep these two rnds until 16 sts remain (8 on each half of sock). Weave these together to complete toe.

Sew all seams. The white band following the ribbing can be used to duplicate stitch a name if desired or for other decoration.

©Rosemary Hoffer. You may share this with friends but it may not be sold by anyone but the designer.

See Abbreviations and the Glossary for help.