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Felted Pet Bed Knitting Pattern

Sandy Smith

After felting, the opening measures 12" by 7" and the base measures 15" by 12" and will fit a teen-aged sized cat.

To adjust for larger cats or dogs, increase the stitches in the wedges by increments of 3 - e.g. 33, 36, 39, etc. and increase the number of picked up stitches.

About 12 sts=4" with smaller needles and bulky yarn

3 skeins Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
85% wool/15% mohair
4 ounces/125 yards
1 skein Lamb's Pride Worsted
85% wool/15% mohair
4 ounces/190 yards/skein
Size 11 US (8 mm) straight needles
Size 13 US (9 mm) circular needles
Size J crochet hook (optional)

You'll be knitting a circle with short rows which I'll call a pie. You'll knit one pie wedge at a time on straight needles until you complete a circle. Remember your cast on tail is on the outside of the pie, not at the center; it will help if you get confused on the first wedge.

With bulky yarn and straight needles, CO 30 sts.
K3, turn
K3, turn
K6, turn
K6, turn
K9, turn

Cont in this manner, knitting 3 additional sts each time before turning.

On the next to the last row of the wedge, k30, turn.

Last row: sl 1 , k29 back to the outside of the pie.

Begin making another wedge over 30 sts as before.

Repeat until you have enough wedges to make a pie; lay your knitting out on a flat surface and check.

When your circle is done, BO the last row of the last wedge. (I used almost all of two full skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky on the base.)

Seam together the first and the last wedge. When you come to the end of the seam in the center, snug up the small hole. (Neatness doesn't count here; the felting will hide the seam.)

My circle was 22 inches in diameter. If I had stopped here and felted it, I would have had a furry placemat about 15 inches in diameter after felting.

With one strand of bulky yarn and a size J crochet hook loosely single crochet 106 sts around the edge of the circle - about every other garter stitch ridge. This made the circle cup a bit around the edges.

With circular needles and one strand of bulky and one strand of worsted, pick up one st in each single crochet chain. (You could skip the single crochet step and simply pick up the stitches directly on the circle. I wanted to see how much the circle cupped and the single crochet allowed that.)

Join and begin knitting in the round, alternating rows of knit and purl to create a garter stitch band. Continue to knit for 3 inches after the single crochet round.

On the last row, k2tog, k3, k2tog, k3 around. BO.

Fling the thing in the washer and felt until it is the size you like. I used the hot wash/cold rinse cycle and ran it through two 18 minute cycles. The mohair in this particular yarn created a very "hairy" basket

See Abbreviations and the Glossary for help.